Sunday, March 4, 2007

My Life

This is the story of my life. Once told and for sure will never be forgotten. I was born ithe province of San Remegio one of the rural areas in the north of Cebu. Having parents who are very hardwoking farmers who till lands not their own. In the Philippines farmers are poor and they cant eat if they dont till the land of the hacienderos. I was a little baby back then, when my mother realized that i (her daughter) will just follow their footsteps and become a farmer when i grow up. SO my father left my mother and i and went to Cebu City and become a "kargador" a guy who carries sacks of rice or any stuff and get paid for the service. My father just eat like soup and rice for free by rendering his service in exchange for food. My father is such a noble man, he strive so hard just to give me and my mother a life. After how many months my mother and i followed my father to the city, we rented a small house and there my mother is selling candies and charcoal while watching over me. My mother is such a thrift woman, she saves what my father earned and her profit as well. Soon my parents are now selling vegetables in the market, bought a house in the squatter area. I studied in a private school administered by the RVM sisters.

Then my parents think of our future, so they decided to buy a house in a subdivision and pay it on installment. When we transferred to the subdivision i transferred to another private school and graduated there till highschool. College came, and so they sent me to the best university in Cebu City and studied the curriculum management accounting. Fortunately, i graduated and now im in my 2nd course. Im currently studying in law school in the same university and one of the top 5 best law school in the Philippines.

My story has not yet ended, im on my way to build my own life. Hopefully i could give back what my parents have given me. As a sign of gratitude to them, in God's grace when the reached their 25th wedding anniversary they could have the wedding of their life which they havent experienced. To show them how special they are to me.

I hope my story will inspire others that no matter how ldiffucult life is there's always hope to have a life that you dreamed of if you are just determined....